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St.Petersburg 191002 Russia

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«Dostoevsky» & Dostoevsky


The hotel placing would be really appreciated by those wishing to feel the atmosphere of so called “Petersburg of Dostoevsky”. In this very district main characters of famous Dostoevsky novels were created.

The house-museum of Dostoevsky is located in the Kuznechny Lane, 5/2. This place was a symbolic for the author. Here, he had been renting a flat in the very beginning of his career; here he died on January, 28 1881.

In this very place Dostoevsky created his last novel “The Karamazov brothers”. Also Fedor Mikhailovich had been living and working in the building to the address 11, Vladimirsky prospect for a long time.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Vladimir is an architectural dominant of the square, where the hotel is located. Dostoevsky was a parishioner of the Cathedral. Every year they honor the name of the author with a specifically designated memorial service.

Hotel guests can have a walk around streets by the Hotel. These historical places are closely related to the author or some of his characters.

The House of Rogozhin
Gorokhovaya street, 28.
Here lived Parfen Semenovich Rogozhin, the character of the novel
“The Idiot”.

Schirmer’s House
Voznesensky prospect, 29.
Fyodor Dostoevsky was living here from February to April 1867. He decided to rent here the five-room apartment before his wedding with Anna Snitkina.

House of A.A. Astafieva
Kaznacheyskaya street, 1.
The author was living in the Astafieva’s land house from 1861 to 1863. During this period of time he completed his “The house of the dead”.
The “Time” magazine, edited by brothers Fyodor and Mikhail Dostoevsky was placed here as well.

Evreinov’s House
Kaznacheyskaya street, 9
Fyodor Dostoevsky lived here in April 1864 after his first wife Maria Isayeva had died. At that time the name of the street was Malaya Meschanskaya.

The Guardhouse
Sennaya Square, 37.
The Sennaya Square is closely related to the author’s life and novels. Dostoevsky frequently used the Sennaya Square in his novels as a scene. Here, Raskolnikov finally decided to kill the old woman, the Prince Myshkin, changed his silver cross for a tin one at a beggar’s. The author himself was arrested and placed to the Guardhouse for two days for publishing the article “The Kyrgyz deputies in St. Petersburg” without a special permission.

The House of Sonya Marmeladova
Griboedov Channel emb., 73
Sonya Marmeladova rented a low-pitched room, “which was looking like a barn”, on the third floor of this house, at the tailor’s Kapernaumov. Later on Svidrigaylov placed on this floor as well.

The House of Raskolnikov
Grazhdanskaya street, 19 / Stolyarny Lane, 5
Here, under the very roof, in a room like a coffin, lived the main character of the “Crime and Punishment” novel. It takes exactly 730 steps to get from here to the house of a crone.

The House of the crone-moneylender
Griboedov Channel emb., 104
The author housed Raskolnikov’s victims Alena Ivanovna and her sister Elizabetha here, on the fourth floor of this flatiron building.

The House of Olonkin
Kaznacheyskaya street, 7
The Dostoevsky was living here from 1864 to 1867, next door to his character Raskolnikov.

«Достоевский» и Достоевский
«Достоевский» и Достоевский
«Достоевский» и Достоевский
«Достоевский» и Достоевский
«Достоевский» и Достоевский
«Достоевский» и Достоевский
«Достоевский» и Достоевский
«Достоевский» и Достоевский

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