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Hotel Dostoevsky Building History


The first historical record of the building now housing Hotel Dostoevsky dates back to 1873. The information of the original foundation and purpose of the building had not been saved till nowadays.

In the middle of the 19th century here was based one of the first city Sunday Schools, patronized by Ushinskiy, one of the founders of Russian scientific pedagogy.

In 1901 Baron Von Besser, the owner of the building announced a reconstructing competition. But no one of the successful projects had been used, so the reconstruction was done by the architect Alain-Karl-Woldemar Schulman (1863-1957). This architect was an acknowledged master of the “Northern” or “Finnish” modern style. In fact, this is the only one building constructed in Saint-Petersburg by the master of the Finnish school of architecture. In 1904 the building was reconstructed, but its façade still keeps features of this style, both functional and fabulous. The central entrance is decorated with Baron Von Besser’s court of arms which was restored for saving the historical heritage.

From 1910 to 1979 the building had been reconstructed time and again, its appropriation had been changed, and for about 20 years it had been abandoned.

In 1993 it received the historic monument status and restoration works were initiated. It took several years to give the new life to the unique architecture of this old house. The modern part of the building became a part of the city architect history.

In November 2003 the Hotel Dostoevsky and shopping galleries of Vladimirsky Passage welcomed their first guests.

История Здания отеля Достоевский
История Здания отеля Достоевский
История Здания отеля Достоевский

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